A Priest's Tale: Autobiography of a Gay Priest

With candour and a wry sense of humour, A Priest's Tale recounts a panoply of experiences from Father Donald Dodman's personal and parish life that reveal the daily trials, triumphs, and peculiar incidents that make up the life of a working Anglican priest and a gay man. In delving into his awkward childhood as a violin-toting misfit; his confusion and turmoil during university years as he struggled with sexual desires that were out of step with societal norms; the thirty years he worked as an Anglican priest in provinces across Canada with native cultures, as well as rural and urban Anglican communities; or his retirement, and the miracle of meeting his soul-mate just when he thought such a thing implausible; Father Dodman explores not only the maturation of his own spiritual and sexual philosophies, but also the changes taking place in the Anglican Communion and society in general.

Death in the Rectory

When Father Justin returns to the rectory after a late meeting, he is met by a gruesome discovery that sets in motion an emotional journey of self realization that upends his life and forces him to confront desires he did not know were lurking inside him.

From downtown London to the inner citadel of the Vatican, Father Justin's journey carries him through the depths of depression to the pinnacle of happiness. But will the Machiavellian politics of the Vatican allow him to remain there?

Troubled Seas

Robert takes a position on the Galileo, a steamer plying the trade routes of the Pacific, with an expectation of adventure. Little did he realize the scope of the voyage would include death, betrayal and mutiny.

From the burgeoning harbour of Vancouver, British Columbia, to the alien ports of the far east, Robert journeys through the perils of nature's mercy and the intricate designs of the human heart. Along the way he is tested by love, shaken by tragedy, and beset by intrigue. If he is steadfast, he will prevail, if he waivers, dark forces will overcome him and the ship and crew will be lost.

Essays Ancient and Modern

In this collection of essays, Father Dodman joins past to present. After sifting through essays written during his final theological year at Seminary, the idea of responding to his younger self was born. In re-reading those 50 year old essays, which were presented orally in his final seminary year, Father Dodman recognized how much his perceptions on various topics have evolved. For him, this illustrated how much theological thinking is is always in the process of growth and development.

Father Dodman has had a varied career as a parish priest involving both rural and inner city parishes as well as a number of years spent with various Aboriginal Communities. Geographically, his work has spanned parishes from British Columbia and Alberta to some years in the Arctic regions of Nord-Qu├ębec.